At least someone is looking at the data…..

And what they are finding is pretty bad:

It appears that there raw data would indicate that the effectiveness of the Covid shots is effectively zero.  Repeat: the covid shots made no difference in the amount of people dying from covid.

Further, it appears that the Covid shots actually may have caused greater death rates. 

Even further, it may well be that the deaths from “Other causes” in a normally healthy age group may have gone up by as much as 40%. 

(follow the links, she has lots of links to show her work at her blog…..)

There should come a day when the people who foisted this “Vaccine” on the US, and who made Covid a reason to damage the world’s economy (and cultures) for profit are hanged from lampposts. I mean from Fauci to the pharmaceutical companies to the health boards and their advisors who pushed this with absolutely ZERO data….they all should be tried and sentenced.

If yer not reading MC daily, yer missing out on a lot of this sort of stuff.