So what is the real goal?

Agency to Consider Ban on Gas Stoves Amid Health Fears
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission will move to regulate gas stoves as new research links them to childhood asthma.

You know, for over a hundred years we’ve had gas stoves. Now, suddenly, they are deadly to children. Gas stove do use combustion, and that does have byproducts….But the duty cycle is low, and the amount of gas burned is also low. There are a LOT of greater threats to our lungs in our houses. Solvents in household items that become airborne once opened, for example. VOC’s in carpet, furniture, packaging, etc.

I find the premise odd, and I find it strange that suddenly “gas stoves should be banned”. I think there is more here that we are being told…..

What is the real goal?


Update: Seems that they are walking the claim back now.

One thought on “So what is the real goal?

  1. “Walking back” the claim just means implementation will be delayed. The electricity will be produced at a centralized gas burning electrical generating plant.

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