Like votes for Democrats on election night

They just keep finding more and more “Misplaced” classified documents.around Slow Joe¬†

One wonders how they all suddenly appear at once. I mean, 6 years after Biden was VP and they are just now cleaning out his office? (first batch) His garage (second batch) and now “In the Biden Home” (third batch…All within a few months. Strange, innit?

While I expect nothing will come of it (this is Joe Biden, after all) the timing is strange. All at once….almost as if someone was setting up a campaign to make him look bad. (not that he needs help, but still). This is looking like the destruction of Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby. Slow, methodical, and deliberate discoveries after discoveries in the press, with only a few days in between.

Could they be getting ready to get rid of Slow Joe? Or are they simply neutering him so he won’t run again?


Either way, like the vote counting on election night, something doesn’t look right here.


2 thoughts on “Like votes for Democrats on election night

  1. No, they are not planning on dumping “Sleepy Joe”
    The question is, “why are they releasing this information”
    What else is going on?????

  2. if abc/nbc/cbs is carrying the story, they’re dumping pedo joe.

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