Liars are ok but only in the Democrat side

Funny, how the double standards fall differently, isn’t it?


While I personally, feel that liars such as George Santos should be removed from office, he is not my Representative, and it is up to the members of his district to remove him, I am amused (yet again) by the double standards of the Media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself). They supported folks like Liz Warden The faux Indian Native American who lied and has continued to lie for many years.

But, hey, look at it this way…..the DNC types have twice the standards than the rest of us do…one set for them and another set for the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “Liars are ok but only in the Democrat side

  1. Yet again….. repeat after me….the lefts number one Mantra. “Rules are for thee, never for me.”

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