I think I wanna plant one…

I wonder if it will grow (or even survive) this far north?

The Manchineel tree, also known as the Poison Apple Tree, doesn’t look dangerous at first glance — in fact, some may be tempted to pick fruit and indulge themselves. This unsuspecting tree is considered the most dangerous tree in the world according to the Guinness World Records.

The name comes from the Spanish word “manzanilla” which means “little apple” referencing the leaves and fruit of the apple tree. Due to the deadly, toxic nature of the tree, the Spanish have also called it “arbol de la muerte” which means “tree of death,” according to the University of Florida.

IF it would, I could use it as a hedge-type fence maybe….

3 thoughts on “I think I wanna plant one…

  1. I can see giving some firewood to some wonderful people ..

    • Several years ago I bought a load of wood from a guy in Alabama that had camphor tree wood mixed in. Might not be deadly but boy it will run you out the house. Had everyone & the animals choking coughing & crying.

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