Did anyone not expect

That the Jan 6th Committee would recommend charges against Trump?

I mean, besides getting their faces in front of the cameras, finding dirt on Trump was the single objective of the members of the Jan 6th Committee. They are all, to a man (and woman) partisan Trump haters. Have been from the beginning…. The outcome of the “committee” was preordained. And the dirt they claim to have found is pretty clean, really.

They’ve wasted 18  months and countless dollars to come up with a *recommendation* for charges. They have no real power to do more than that, they cannot actually charge anyone. They are simply trying to damage the Donald. I figure it is because they are still terribly afraid of him.

The entire Jan 6th bunch was a caricature of justice and governance.

3 thoughts on “Did anyone not expect

  1. So we have about 7 YEARS of investigations into Trump from people not seeking the truth but to GET Trump by any means necessary. You are right – charges were expected to be filed before they even began. Thing is, the past investigations have lied about finding something, but then not voting to charge him because of lack of evidence. They can speak all they want but they are wasting their time.

    And any voter can write in the candidate of their choice. No matter who. And if they say they will throw out those votes, we will reply just like the votes in the 2020 and 2022 elections.

  2. and when they move to arrest him? i have heard rumors to the effect that trouble will ensue. i say let the kangaroo court do its deed and show the whole world what idiots they are. but then they likely will vote to convict on no evidence and cause another crisis. i have heard some say “next time we go armed.”

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