He told the truth

Have ya noticed how quickly the Paul Pelosi story faded? How the police videos were locked down and confidential???How the 9-11 tapes were classified?

I mean, the story had more holes in it that the love child of swiss cheese and a fishnet.

And now one of the victims is a guy who was, apparently committing real journalism has been “suspended” for bringing some of those details to light:

NBC SUSPENDS correspondent after network was forced to retract exclusive report on how Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul, 82, calmly opened door to cops – and then walked TOWARDS ‘hammer intruder’ who bludgeoned him

Funny how that works, innit?

2 thoughts on “He told the truth

  1. Never mind the fact that the “official” story has changed at least three times. Now Pelosi and the “intruder” have clothes on. The NEWS CONFERENCE given by the SFPD on THE NIGHT OF THE EVENT stated that both were in THEIR UNDERWEAR. But no, we’re supposed to believe this latest rendition… And…AND… what happened to the “unknown third person” who opened the door for the police, as stated in that same news conference? Sorry Nancy, but we’re not as “low information” as your voting base…

    …I continue to call Bravo Sierra…

  2. Guess who’s going to get a plea deal and a non disclosure payout so he never can answer questions???

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