3 thoughts on “Wll the usual weasels call for Knife Control?

  1. Has anyone else noticed how curiously empty knife & outdoor electronic display cases have been?
    Our local WM has had about 6 knives on display for the last year.

  2. They’ll go the way of Britain… You’ll have to check out a steak knife at the restaurant if you order a steak!

  3. Knife control is most definitely on the agenda. In FORMERLY Great Britain
    it’s pushed hard. That’s because they successfully banned virtually all firearms a long time ago. In Canuckistan where they are in the process of banning firearms for the peons ‘knife control’ is on the agenda….but not being pushed, yet.
    For America knife control isn’t as important as gun control…yet. Because knives
    pose no real threat to the criminals in power. But you can bet if they succeed in banning guns. they WILL come for the knives after that. It’s WHAT THEY DO.

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