Innit funny? (Hypocrisy of the Left (once again!))

So when Texas Governor Abbot or Ron DeSantis from Florida moves Illegal entrants to the United States (I.E: Border Crossers) from Texas or Florida to a “Blue” enclave like New York or Washington DC or (HEH) to Martha’s Vineyard, then they are “Committing Crimes Against Humanity”…

But when the Biden administration ,who has been flying groups of Illegal Border Crossers from the southern border to cities all across the US….. Well, that is fact it is a Good Thing because those people need a place to stay….

Funny how the standards change, innit? Especially in political speeches or the Media (But I repeat myself). Joe and his people wanted to spread as many illegals into small towns and small(er) cities for the Blue Collar folks to feed and house….often with no notice …..(and so they would eventually become citizens (maybe) and vote Blue….and the media and the Pundits and the Politicians say it is good (if they even acknowledge it at all)….But when the folks on the Right do a similar thing and put the illegals in New York or Chicago or DC, then they create a “Humanitarian Crisis” and are being just plain mean…..

Funny how that works. Innit? Double standards. And Abbott and DeSantis are exposing their hypocrisy.

One thought on “Innit funny? (Hypocrisy of the Left (once again!))

  1. Calling the left hypocritical is pointless. First the vast majority of leftists simply lack the mental capacity to grasp esoteric concepts like satire, irony and hypocrisy. In addition to that shortcoming they simply DO NOT CARE if they are hypocrits. ALL they care about is themselves. Nothing else really matters and any words to the contrary is an ACT.

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