As I expected

Seems that, despite the claims, the people of Martha’s Vineyard didn’t really WELCOME¬†“Immigrants” (in reality, illegal alien invaders) to their community…..they packed ’em up and sent ’em to Cape Cod to be someone else’s problem.

The reality is that few people want these illegals in their community….they feel sorry for them, and want to help them, but they don’t want outsiders, especially poor outsiders living amongst them.

Abbot and DeSantis’s plan is working: a few thousand illegals in a community like New York or Chicago or 40 or so in an affluent place like Martha’s Vineyard causes a great deal of huhu, and overwhelms the community…., whereas De Rio,Texas gets THOUSANDS PER DAY . But that is far removed from the bigger cities up north so it doesn’t matter…until the problem is (partially) brought to those communities.

People in Del Rio and the surrounding areas (I know people there) say that anything not STRONGLY secured is stolen, and the illegals are to blame for litter, filth, disease and theft.

All this because Biden won’t make ’em remain outside the borders until their case for immigration is adjudicated.

Imagine what THOUSANDS of illegals per day will do to your community.

But the reactions show the hypocrisy of the Liberals…not that that is a surprise to anyone .