Which list are you on?

Seems that the FBI has come up with a list of symbols that “May” demonstrate that you are a “Militia Violent Extremist”. 

Such terms as “Molon Labe”, Gadsen flag, any reference to the Second Amendment, the “Liberty Tree”, etc. may mark you (to the FBI) as a “Militia Violent Extremist”…

So, how many of the symbols have you used in emails, postings, Facebook messages, etc?

Yeah, yer in good company, I think.


Jesus, if this is what the FBI is using to identify Violent Militia Extremists then we are screwed….because their incompetence is such that they will never catch the real ones. No wonder they can’t do anything about Antica (if they are even trying),,,,if this is an example of their best efforts, then their best is None Too Good.


4 thoughts on “Which list are you on?

  1. because their incompetence is such that they will never catch the real ones.

    You say that like you think that is what they want to do.

  2. I’m with Glypto.
    If you aren’t on their lists by now you should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. Remember the similar list that ‘big sis’ came out with about 15 years ago? IIRC there were around 70 ‘tells’ – I ‘only’ hit around 40+ of them so I reckon this latest ‘hit ‘list’ just puts me in good company 😉
    BTW, they called the Gonzalez Flag the “Alamo Flag” – if you didn’t take Texas history in 7th grade like some of us did back in the olden days ya might have to look them up……………….point is that for the most part they ain’t got any idea what they are talking about.

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