‘Tis interesting

The Media keeps telling us that the FBI “Seized Boxes of Documents” from Trump’s residence.

So what. They apparently also seized a bunch of Melania’s underwear, or at least searched through it.

In neither case does it mean that they FOUND anything. If they had, I am sure that charges would already be laid in order that the Sunday Morning Media actors (not reporters) could trumpet it to everyone.

So far: {crickets}.

‘Tis funny though: Hillary had unsecured classified material from her SecState days.(verified and admitted)…and no one cared. (those Double Standards again).

Just ’cause they took something doesn’t mean it was illegal. It is designed to look bad on the news, but I don’t *yet) see any charges laid.

Methinks this is another “all hat no cattle” moment for the DNC.

One thought on “‘Tis interesting

  1. No, this will be used to “steer” politics for the next few months. It’ll be the pin in the pocket of Trump or anyone in his orbit who decides to get vocal…

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