Things that make you go “Hmmmm?”

So Elon Musk asks the hard question:

“if the Biden administration is working so hard to free Brittney Griner it should also free Americans incarcerated on marijuana offenses”.

Damned straight. She broke the law and got her punishment (and, apparently, Russians who commit that offense get even harsher terms)….and folks in the US who break Federal drug laws get punishment as well..


But Biden and lots of Liberals think that she should get special treatment? Why?

It ain’t like the Left has ever been consistent in their thinking though.

3 thoughts on “Things that make you go “Hmmmm?”

  1. Russia is using a DNA test to see which prison to send to…

  2. it took a knee and said it didn’t like hearing our national anthem. now it won’t have to for 9 years at least. to hell with it.

  3. Not a ‘she’. He took a walk on the wild, he became a she.

    There is the answer to why the sudden interest.

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