That oughta make the Brits smell better….

or not…..

I mean, they are, apparently, running out of water.

The advice? Don’t shower. 


Of course, they blame the lack of water on “Klimate Change”…..But it is really just bad resource management.


3 thoughts on “That oughta make the Brits smell better….

  1. And sepsis will see a resurgence in the formerly Great Britain…

  2. Yeah; they’re probably telling the Brits not to brush their teeth… Oh, yeah; they already DON’T brush their teeth! Seriously though, I doubt Britain has much a surplus water supply given its usual weather, and if water is getting short there, they should indeed do what’s necessary to conserve. We’ve seen the same scenario when places like the Southeast have drought years. The different jurisdictions end up fighting over mudpuddle reservoirs to keep the taps turned on. A dry year is a dry year, wherever.

    I live in the desert. Water is always scarce here. I do capture runoff water, and catch water in a bucket while the shower heats up. That one bucket of shower water keeps three very large potted plants green, and keeps the hot tub and a nearby water feature topped off. It truly adds up. It also takes a little of the load off the septic system, as it never goes down the drain. I shut off the shower while soaping up. I also catch the runoff from the A/C condensate drain, and the “wastewater” from the evaporative cooler. This goes to supplement the irrigation of my fruit trees. A “humid” (40-50%) day will net me around four gallons of A/C condensate. The evap cooler wastewater will add up to between 20 and 30 gallons of irrigation water on a hot day. I’m no treehugger or “climate change” alarmist. It’s just that water seldom “falls from the sky” here. And when it doesn’t, we gotta do what we gotta do… So do the Brits…

  3. TPTB have failed to account for the increase in our population, both legal and illegal, over the last 20 years.

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