question to start the week:

So, if they arrest Trump, what are ya gonna do?

We stood by and let them steal the election. We stood by while they changed the rules to make their cheating easier, changed the rules for validation of mail0in ballots….We stood by when they told us we were stupid to think we could get the courts to intervene and force a recount of valid votes.

We stood by while NY prosecutors did their best (and are still doing) to destroy the corporation that Trump has….

We stood by while a bunch of misguided patriots have been mistreated and held without bond for their misdemeanors of trying to occupy the Capitol (they called it Insurrection as their excuse to persecute those misguided fools)…yes, we stood by when our Government mistreated our fellow citizens….

Are we gonna stand by and do nothing if the folks in power decide to go even farther and arrest Donald John Trump?

Best decide now. At what point do we choose not to let them go any farther?

4 thoughts on “question to start the week:

  1. everybody i talk to is at the last straw point. they wait for the mid terms, to see once and for all that the republic is dead. if the dims win/cheat again, i believe we’re going to war. personally i don’t think the election will happen, at least not in current form. i look for a false flag that can/will be used to circumvent it. the dims and their quislings have set about sending a congressional delegation to taiwan now. ww3 could be used, and they have a history of sacrificing millions of lives to cover their malfeasance.

  2. I forsee a number of “Unintended Consequences” scenarios playing out and coalescing into a nationwide movement should the tyranny continue.

  3. Nobody wants to switch to Pineland Rules….yet it’s time to switch to Pineland Rules. It’s pretty scary to be among the first….

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