So Juan and Jose` decide to try panhandling.

They set up on a busy corner at 9 AM and begin begging for money, one in each direction, holding cardboard signs asking for money. About 1 pm, they decide to take a break and compare how much they had collected

Juan has $2857, Jose` has $42.

Jose says “Wow, how did you get all that money? We had the same amount of traffic, but you got so much more money.”

Juan says “What does your sign say?

Jose` shows him the sign: “Need money, out of work and homeless, please help”.

“It’s your sign, that’s the problem” says Juan, and shows him the sign he’s been holding up for the past 4 hours: “Need a few more dollars so I can go back to Mexico”.

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  1. Does Juan have a GoFundMe or Kickstarter? And will he promise to take Jose with him when he goes back?

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