The Buildup begins:

Have you seen the news shows? The advertisements for the next installment of the Jan 6 th hearings?


CBS cold not be hyping it more….almost like the buildup for the Sooper Bowl. NBC isn’t far behind.

I guess that for the Liberals this is a time to be making popcorn…for the rest of us (the majority) it is a “yawn” moment. Perhaps the folks who control such thins think the hype might garner some viewers.

I think that just like the other ones, few people will watch.

4 thoughts on “The Buildup begins:

  1. If they put the whole thing in print and made books the Dewey Decimal System would have to locate it in the Fiction section.
    The lefties are only a Coupla good “Strokes” from being absolutely orgasmic about this farce. Explaining to them that it is not just a Nothing Burger, but what little substance they are seeing is manufactured bullshit.

  2. oh, i thought you meant the build-up to the next covid lockdown, or the troop build-up underway in europe for the next wag the dog show. my bad.

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