Mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

Apparently from a rooftop….

Suspect is a white male,18-20 Years Old, slight build with longish black hair. 

I expect that he will fit the profile. Known to the police, disaffected, loner, probably on (or just recently off of) one of the psychotropic drugs….Probably having been in contact with a Fed some persons on some internet room or Facebook…..who were “concerned” about his rantings, but did nothing and said nothing….

Expect that he will have used an Ar-15 type rifle (odd that they are all AR-15’s, when there are so many other “High Capacity Assault Rifles” out there, but it is always an AR…)

There is a pattern to this. Generally these types of folks fit the above profile. Chances are he was “handled: by someone….Not sure what agency, but still.


My condolences to the (approximately, as the story is developing) 20 people shot and to the families of the (currently as of posting) 6 people killed.

Note that this was, again, in what was essentially a “Gun Free Zone” in the greater Chicago area. Carry permits are hard to get  and the gun control is strong. Funny how that works, innit?


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