You’d think they’d rather have this as a holiday

I mean, until a few years ago, thre was no such cry for Juneteenth”. It is a constructed holiday, made up by the DNC led Black movement. Few had heard of it, even fewer cared.

But in order to garner votes, we had a very skillfully led coalition of social media, Big Media, and other influences to get a holiday named Juneteenth, a simplistically named holiday that would appeal to mostly uneducated black people so that they could have something around which to rally, and which the DNC could point and say “We Gave You This Holiday!”….”You should vote for us!” (yes, the date has historical significance, but I don’t believe for moment that that was the reason that it became a National Holiday)

So they found a date that they could engender a bunch of sentiment around, and named it “Juneteenth”.

But you’d think that the real Emancipation Day would have more meaning to a race that had been enslaved. Of course, that day happened because of Republicans, so the Dems couldn’t use it..

And now instead we have another three-day weekend for Federal and State workers at the start of summer. .


4 thoughts on “You’d think they’d rather have this as a holiday

  1. There’s also the fact that Bearded Tyranny Guy’s proclamation meant nothing: it freed people in places he didn’t control (mostly), and kept slavery in the places he did control (the United States).
    Of course, BTG is also famous for the Gettysburg Address, a speech that is an inversion of truth, a monstrous lie unless dedicated to the losing side.
    The Proclamation was the original photo op/soundbyte.

  2. This is nothing more than a vehicle to inject racebaiting into our daily lives every year, complete with its niggerspeak name…

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