Uninformed hysteria

I am amazed at how may women know so little about the Roe V Wade decision.

They only know what the Media is saying, none of the real data.

“The Supreme Court has made Abortion Illegal!”, and other words to that effect.

It is no wonder that the populace can be led when 40% or more of the women never bother to learn the real details and simply react to the headline. Add in female hysteria and overreaction and it is no wonder the DNC led Media can influence so many people.

I’d bet that about 30% of the men are the same way.

Jesus H. Christ. Is it too much to ask that people bother to learn the details before reacting?

4 thoughts on “Uninformed hysteria

  1. Headline should have read – SC Returns abortion decisions to the individual States.

  2. I find it striking that so many people who say “It’s for the CHILDREN!” are so up in arms that the SCOTUS made it just a little harder… in some states… to kill the unborn…

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