‘Twas pointed out to me…

that the media paid little interest to shooting in general until it became obvious to even the most retarded DNC follower that the Democrats were gonna lose in the Midterms…..That there would be a change in the balance of power.

Only then did we hear about the “High Profile” shootings, only then did we get a fair bit of media coverage of ANY shootings.

And only then did the mass murders happen and were publicized so often and so well by the Media.

If you wear a Chapeau by Reynolds (Shiny-side out for the folks who are serious) then you might wonder about that coincidence……and wonder if this is seen as the last chance for a long time to get some Legislation passed. No matter who is sacrificed.

Do I believe there are those in Government service and in power who would do what I am vaguely suggesting? Yes. THe thought disturbs me, but I cannot discount it.

Feel free to Change My Mind.

2 thoughts on “‘Twas pointed out to me…

  1. Got this in my inbox yesterday. Nothing substantiated but I’ve seen the same stuff elsewhere. It’s not beyond belief.
    “TX School Shooter

    Cannot verify all info so please consider that if you plan on using the info. Isn’t it ironical though that this type of background info is not published by gov’t sources and available to public.

    Shooter was an 18 year old transvestite ILLEGAL who lived with his grandma. Part time job at McDonald’s (8 hours a week), minimum wage. He dressed up in girl’s clothes — and had a very expensive female wardrobe. Dropped out of school because he was obsessed with video games.

    Had a Brand new $expensive game console. A $brand new F250 pickup “fully loaded.” $Weapons: 2 Brand new Daniel Defense (brand) AR15/M4 rifles, with Military grade Optics. Each rifle is between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars. $Thousands of rounds of Military grade ammunition. A $thousand dollar bullet proof vest. All from a part time job at McDonald’s…?!

    Ford F250 Platinum $71,000.00

    Clothes $3000,00

    Game Console $500.00

    Rifles $6000.00/$8,000.00

    Optics $1000.00

    Ammo $900.00

    Body Armor $1000.00

    TOTAL – $83,400.00

    On Minimum Wage ??!!

    Seems to me SOMEONE WAS FUNDING HIM and training him as well…

    And oh – he just happens to have known the Buffalo shooter? Seriously?!

    And add to the fact that those rifles were EXACTLY like one of the rifles from the Las Vegas “shooter”. EXACTLY, down to the optics, AND the vertical fore-grip. And that particular configuration is (legally) only available to “Military and Law Enforcement” …

    And just before the NRA Convention, how timely…”

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