“Thousands protest”

Gun ownership in Chicago. and want even more gun restrictions.

All due to the latest mass murder in Uvalde. (about half of which could have been mitigated had the police not waited for an hour to do their jobs). All protests led by and organized by un-named parties

Yet nearly every day a child is shot in the South Side of Chicago. Nearly every evening one or more adults are killed …..and 20 or so hot and 5 or more killed or more in weekend violence. But no-one seems to care about that, even though that violence adds up to thousands of victims per year….mostly poor, mostly black.

It only matters when it is a high profile, highly publicized shooting with an “Assault Weapon”. (and those happen in odd ways, at most convenient times, don’t they?)

These people can’t, apparently, see or understand the fact that they are propagandized and led…sheep like. And they follow like any well trained herd.


3 thoughts on ““Thousands protest”

  1. Average IQ in Chicago is nearly one deviation below standard and with below average impulse control and cognitive capability. It is to be expected

    Also many urban people are sheep , the environment selects for it since non sheep try to leave ASAP

    Its why people pushing natalism are in essence pushing more sheeple. Its not wise. The yeomanry lives in the countryside or homogeneous smaller towns, Suburbia is weird, its not sustainable anyway, too energy intensive for much loner but its a mix since its not country not city. I think it tends a bit more Right/Sheep than Left/Sheep though

  2. when they stop killing each other daily and the cops turn in their guns they can have mine, but not until.

  3. Chicago has been a ” No Go” for quite a few years. They ain’t got anything worth risking my life for.

    The problem with “gun violence” has nothing to do with the rare “school shootings” and everything to do with the failure of local and federal authorities to prosecute firearm possession by prohibited persons (convicts, under age, illegal aliens, etc.) or to prosecute illegal firearm use by a favored minority. I also avoid Democratic/Progressive urban areas such as Baltimore, New York City, Saint Louis, New Orleans, etc. They don’t offer anything worth the risk. Any business or organization with an future and/or a product has moved to the surround. There is no longer a reason for keeping essential functions in the cities.

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