The more the details come out

about the Uvalde debacle, the worse it gets.

not only does it look like cowardice, lack of thinking and poor training (and following orders that were obviously wrong) it also appears that there was a great deal of stupidity and groupthink.

The video evidence of cops within FEET of the doors to the classroom where the shooter was holed up is damning…they have the equipment, they have the weapons, the body armor and all the rest.

What they were lacking was, apparently, leadership and intestinal fortitude.

Decisions made in the hat of the moment should often be judged with a bit of leeway, but at some point one has to ask “Just what the fuck were you idiots thinking?” This would appear to be beyond that point.

Even their peers judging the actions that day have described it as “Abject Failure“.

And it reflects badly on police thought processes and training.

3 thoughts on “The more the details come out

  1. I wonder if we will ever know the truth… The story is changing on a daily basis!

  2. Just another day in the laughing stock of the world gynocracy.
    What incredible restraint external enemies are showing as an internal fifth column burns it all down better.

  3. It appears to be a controlled murder and mayhem false flag to enable the continued destruction of the 2nd amendment . Look at how even the republicans have jumped on the parade to disarm us . Get ready for cw2 . Now or never !

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