Oddly, not one appeared to be white

Watch the video.

Jealousy over a THREESOME between passengers sparked 60-person brawl on Carnival Cruise ship dance floor that lasted for an HOUR and spanned five floors

Funny how that works, innit? Almost always a crowd of black people. (not always).

An HOUR long brawl on a cruise ship. I guess for some it is part of the fun. This is the same behavior we see amongst partying folks of the same demographic in other party atmospheres… Daytona, Corpus Cristie, etc. It’s not like fights don’t break out in the other crowds, but it doesn’t grow to encompass the entire crowd.

Something is different amongst this type of group. Something in their behavior.

One thought on “Oddly, not one appeared to be white

  1. any time two or more gather, the chances of a fight grow exponentially. once it reaches 100, the chances are there will be a gunfight involved. always the same ethnic group and its not hillbillies. lincoln was right when he said they are wholly not suited for independent life in civil society. but he freed them anyway. fal.

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