City folks

A whole Brooklyn bar is terrorized when a possum wanders into a bar, (“So, this possum walks into a bar…..”)

And a lady from Alaska simply picked him up and took him outside.

Now she’s a hero in the bar.

All for taking charge of a frightened and lost animal.

And these folks think that when the Shit hits the Fan they are gonna take charge. And that they are superior to all those country folks.

Frightened by a 12 lb possum.

3 thoughts on “City folks

  1. I was laughing like hell at all those people freaking out as I watched the video. I guess that us country folk are a little different than city folk when it comes to critters. They are probably indifferent to rats and roaches, though…..
    Speaking of possums:

  2. They come out at night all the time, we sit and continue drinking our coffee and water as the little critters enjoy some table scraps.

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