And they wonder why inflation is so high

I mean, what other funding are they cutting to pay for the 1 Billion dollars in Aid to the people of Ukraine?

Are they cutting some Social Programs? The Military? Federal Payroll? Other aid to other countries? Aid to Illegal Migrants? Covid relief? Senators salaries?.

I haven’t heard about any cuts, have you?

Yet here we are, spending another billion dollars that we don’t have….and the folks in Washington (Experts, all) are confused as to why inflation is growing……First the Coid relief that spent money that the US didn’t have, then we just keep adding more and more debt….

Scary that they can’t seem to grasp that fact, innit?

One thought on “And they wonder why inflation is so high

  1. Unfortunately we’ve now inflated to the point that the saying now is changed to “A Trillion here and a Trillion there pretty soon you’re talking about real money”.

    A Billion at this point is insanely becoming just a rounding error in the overboard and reckless spending by our government.

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