Randy Weaver

Has passed on

I met him once, long ago at some gunshow or something like that.

He was a broken man than. Nice enough, but broken.

What the US Marshalls service did to him and his son and then the FBI Hostage Rescue team did to his wife was a crime. He won the lawsuit against them, but was never the same. The fact that no one in either the Marshalls service nor the FBI was ever brought to justice wore on him as much as the loss of his son and wife. If you don’t know, or are too young to remember, then take the time to Google the crimes committed against this man and his family.

Godspeed, Mr Weaver, I hope you find a better life on the other side.

1 thought on “Randy Weaver

  1. amen. one of the shooter was nominated for atf director. thankfully he was denied by the senate. i would like to know more about the current nominee too. a.g. barr was part of it back then too. these bad pennies just keep turning up, like donny rumsfeld. the only guy to lose 4 wars and still be secdef.

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