political grandstanding

Why did Biden go to the Buffalo shooting (10 black people killed (allegedly) by a white guy with a firearm…supposedly in a racist attack) but not other mass murder events….like Waukesha (6 people killed and over 60 injured with a car (allegedly) by a black man who posted racist messages before the attack) or other places where black people killed whites in racist attacks?

Why this one? Is it just to demonstrate to black people that he (and the Democrats) cares about them? (Hint: He doesn’t…he has done nothing in his years of government service to improve their lot, and ignores them except before an election…like now).

Where is he when whites are killed by racist black people?

Look: I don’t care if he shows up at all, but I am angered by the fact that he panders to black people when a white person (allegedly) shoots whites in an (alleged) hate crime….but ignores it when the perpetrator is black. Murder is murder, attempted murder is just as bad. Racism is racism. Why honor one and not the other? Why is one more important? Is it because one happens often and the other is rare?

Unless, of course, it is just pandering and posturing.

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