Innit interesting

How so very quickly the protests were organized once the “leaked” abortion draft opinion appeared.

Almost as if it were choreographed.


Are we really expected to believe that tens of thousands of women heard about the draft opinion that was “leaked” and in less than 24 hours all of them spontaneously decided to make a sign and show up to protest?


I got some bridges to sell you, and some bottomland in Florida at a good price if you really believe that this was not choreographed.

3 thoughts on “Innit interesting

  1. I’m SURE that all those professionally pre-printed signs have been in storage since 1973 just in case the decision was going to be overturned. That’s the only posible explanation …

    (The internet needs a sarcasm font).

  2. Yep, it was pretty clearly highly coordinated. Designed to fire up the Democrat base for the November elections in the face of the absolute disaster that is the Biden administration.

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