Now that was cool:

Moved the plane to Fort Wayne the other day. (just a short turnaround flight).

Upon landing, was told to turn off the runway and “Follow the A-10’s”.

Which I did.

(Air National Guard based at Fort Wayne, 122nd Fighter Wing, “Blacksnakes”).

It was fun watching them take off. I need that kind of power (and maneuverability) in my plane.


I tried video, but it sucked as I was too busy taxiing the airplane, so still photos is all I got.


5 thoughts on “Now that was cool:

  1. Way too cool.

    Need to have you come up here. and we can get permission to do a low approach at Selfridge ANG and be able to see all sorts of stuff.

  2. Years ago, while pouring a bridge deck deep in the East Texas woods, we were waiting on a concrete truck to be set up, so I was sitting and looking up river.

    As I watched, two A-10’s appeared above a bend upriver, approached at a high speed, and pulled up in a steep climb as they passed overhead. I never heard them until right before they pulled up. All I could do was just stare with my mouth open.

    I’m guessing the base in Louisiana was having training, and using the bridge as a target. Awesome is the only way to describe it, and makes me realize how terrible it must be to be on the business end of their run.

  3. Got bounced in the old Luscombe by 6 of these 30 years ago. Those A10’s are very maneuverable. They were based at Volk Field in Wisconsin back then. Thanks for the photos!

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