Not “Police shoot a man resisting lawful stop who fought police”

But all the headlines read essentially the same:

video shows Michigan cop fatally shooting black man

Why does his race matter? He was driving a car with plates that did not match the car. (Either stolen plates or stolen car?) and then ran, fought, and tried to take the policeman’s Tazer…..the cop was trying to subdue him, to take him into custody WTHOUT lethal force……I really think that had the man been white he would have been treated the same way had he acted the same.

But all the press can say is “Cop shot a BLACK MAN“.

Enough of this race baiting. The headline should, instead, read “Cop shot man who fought him and tried to escape while resisting arrest after lawful stop”….But that headline won’t sell many papers, will it?

Don’t wanna get shot? Here is a lesson in what NOT to do:

Don’t drive a car where the plates don’t match the car.

Don’t exit the car when told not to

Don’t try to run.

Don’t fight the officer when he catches you.

Above all, don’t do illegal things.

Those who do the above, generally greatly increase their chances of being shot. It really doesn’t matter what hue your epidermis is…….And those who DON’T do the above things generally don’t get shot, no matter what race you are or where your ancestors came from.

(and if you have a warrant, deal with it …if you don’t want the cops to arrest you after being stopped….).



One thought on “Not “Police shoot a man resisting lawful stop who fought police”

  1. One should know that he was hardly the innocent dindu nuffin as they’re depicting him: “Police records indicate that Lyoya had been arrested three times in relation to stolen vehicles and pleaded guilty to misdemeanors in these cases.”

    Too bad he was allowed to plea down three prior stolen vehicle offenses, if instead, had he been in prison, he wouldn’t have been able to attack an officer and end up dead for doing so.

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