Crowds of “Young People”

So in Chicago over the weekend, crowds of “Young People” damaged cars, broke windows, hassled pedestrians and caused general mayhem in the downtown areas.

Oddly though, the videos shows only black people. But the News folks strangely fail to mention that somewhat important fact. (and it is important, simply because people need to know who they are dealing with in public, and which groups of people are committing the crimes). Maybe there were whites and Hispanics and Asians and Middle Easterners in there and the camera only caught 100% African Americans by chance (across all the videos)……

The “event” was, apparently coordinated via “Social Media”. The folks organizing it know that the police can’t deal with crowds of thousands… least not unless they use methods that will get them crucified in the news media, so the miscreants have, essentially, free reign to do what they want.

Of course, it makes decent, honest people simply want to live, work, and relax elsewhere. But they can’t in the same parks, streets and restaurants because of the animal.

Until and unless someone tells the truth, that this is a bunch of poor black kids acting like animals, and takes action to stop it, it will continue and spread…..

The sad part is that for every uncultured misbehaving black kid, there are likely 60 or more black kids who weren’t there…but the ones that stayed home will be looked at as if they were that same kind of out of control animal….Judged by the actions of their peers. How are the rest of us to know which group we are dealing with?

One thought on “Crowds of “Young People”

  1. You ain’t paying attention to the game-plan. Think of Compton (Californication). Compton was almost 100% Black with ~100 murders per year. Cali moved in a new Hispanic population (and their gangs) who targeted the Black gang-bangers, their friends, and their families. After several, years of “troubles”, Compton is ~70% Hispanic with virtually no violent crime. There is grift for the county and state pols and profit for the property owners.

    I see the same process going on for Chicago, Ballmer, and others. The current surge in crime destroys the last of the surviving businesses and drives out the “normies”. The city pols tell the ghetto that they had their chance. The desolation justifies a request for a waver on immigration enforcement and cash to settle the replacement population. Grift, profit, and lots of cash.

    The gun control drive is designed to disarm or discourage the suburbans who might be tempted to defend themselves from the ghetto refugees. The ghetto population might be reluctant to flee to the suburbs. That would foil the entire plan, leaving the cities to referee the ethnic/race wars without a profit.

    The savagery of the vibrant “youths” is just part of the plan. The urban elite know that there is no “future” for their ghetto dwellers. They are just letting nature take its course to sanitize the fields for the new population.

    Hope you enjoy your new neighbors.

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