A lesson he’ll likely remember:

So in Syracuse NY, a 10 year old was caught shoplifting a bag of chips….The claim is that the cops “Terrorized” the kid. 

The cops were called and he was placed in the back of a police car and taken to his mother’s house. .

The neighborhood was, of course, outraged.

Thing is, had Mom (and Dad, if he exists) taught him not to steal, he’d not be there.

The folks in the neighborhood were, of course, outraged. Must be the cops were racist or something. “It was only a petty crime”…”Just a bag of chips…”

7 thoughts on “A lesson he’ll likely remember:

  1. Theft is theft… Maybe, just maybe that ride will scare him straight!

  2. That is why certain neighborhoods are “food deserts”,where the locals can’t go out at night. Parents should have learned them.

  3. i would have gotten a spanking from the clerk, a ride home in cuffs, another spanking when i got home from mom, then a real butt whooping when dad got home. and these shits are outraged by a ride home. equal rights come with equal responsibility.

  4. He wasn’t arrested. He wasn’t charged he was taken home

    If he got away with it, or there was no repercussion, then next time he steals something bigger.

    This way maybe he learns a lesson. But if the “community” tells him the cops were wrong, then a whole new lesson is learned.

  5. Middle class values,such as no theft, is taught; not something that blossoms of its own accord. When a person lives in a “non-middle class” environment; tribalism and “me first” will be the default position.

  6. That episode made the local 10 O’clock news here. I’m beginning to see more and more liberal bias in what used to be a fairly red area. Makes me want to kick something/somebody.

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