The joy of shipping

So UPS has had a package for 4 business days now. Coming from Chicago to NW Indiana. (less than 60 miles) Shipped Friday. Was supposed to be here Monday. “Out for Delivery”. Then on Monday it was “delivery by tomorrow 7:00 PM”. Tuesday came and went. Delivery was rescheduled (again!) for Wed by 7.

Guess what?

I called them this morning and they assured me it is, rilly-rilly, fer-sure this time, actually on the truck.

I’ll go 8:5 it ain’t.

I coulda WALKED there and back to pick it up by now.

Good thing I didn’t need it right away.

One wonders how, if they have tracking of every package, their system can go from In-Transit to Out for Delivery back to In -transit, back to Out for Delivery . several times. Lost?


ETA: It arrived TODAY, Friday April the first. A week to go less than 60 miles.

UPS has it’s moments.

One thought on “The joy of shipping

  1. got put on the wrong truck. or in one case of mine, the label got stuck to another package and went for a ride around the country while the box was sitting there with no label. my issue w/ them is that they delivered a tiny package of pens via ups truck out here in the boonies, but handed off a 40lb box to the usps for delivery by the local mail carrier, a little old lady. wth?

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