Fucked around and found out:

So dude gets pissy about a minor traffic incident. Chased down the person who offended him and forces him off the road

Walks up to the car and punches the driver in the face.

Driver shoots him in self defense.

Sadly  the driver who shot in self defense is charged with murder (but I don’t think it will stick).

Force me off the road and then try to harm me with physical violence.

Yeah, I’d probably shoot you too.

Money quote from the dead dude boss: “Scott made mistakes, he did. He wasn’t perfect by any means.” Word.

2 thoughts on “Fucked around and found out:

  1. I was almost carjacked a few years back. I had no defense other than God. God prevailed that day. One of the perps saw my mobile ham gear and thought I was a cop. Suffice it to say, I refuse to go silently into that dark night anymore…

  2. Whether or not you face charges in a self defense shooting will depend FAR more on the political beliefs and agenda of the DA/prosecutor than it will uppn the actual facts and evidence.

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