Despite the area being fairly liberal….

While 2 years ago, and even one year ago, there were a plethora of Biden-Harris bumper stickers on cars, now, suddenly, there are none.

Funny how that works. People not infected with Liberalism knew what was gonna happen, if not on this accelerated timeline….I just cannot understand why the Liberals don’t see it. Biden’s policies have made life difficult and have led the US to a mess. Any non-Liberal could see where our economy would go, where energy prices would go, and how badly our foreign policy would become. But, hey, they voted and were proud of it.


But, apparently, they are embarrassed by their boy….or afraid (needlessly, it is mostly only Liberals that do cowardly attacks of vandalism) of reprisals for their support of Slow Joe and his agenda.

I get a LOT of positive comments on my “Let’s go Brandon” stickers on the truck and car, however.

2 thoughts on “Despite the area being fairly liberal….

  1. Hey, when I saw a chromed Let’s Go Brandon on Kid Rock’s Rolls Royce, I just about fell down (he was on Tucker Carlson the other day).

  2. And they sure as hell can’t plan on Harris saving them…

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