Bias vs lying

Fox News is biased. (Very).

CNN (was) biased. Extremely so. But for the most part, they either told the (slanted) truth or simply did not report things when it made the Left look bad.

Today, and for much of the past 8 or more years, the NYTimes and most Major Media (CBS/NBC/ABC/LATimes, etc) have spouted outright lies (See also the Biden laptop story (“Russian Disinformation!”), the “Steele Report”, Hillary’s private server, Trump’s taxes, etc) in order to make the DNC and the Biden administration look as good as they can, and any opposition look as bad as they can portray them.

There is a difference between “Biased” and “Lying”. Slanted news is nothing new. Outright lying seems to be a new phenomenon.

How much information, data and Truths have been suppressed by the Media? How many “Conspiracy Theories” have become facts in the past 3 years?