Yep, that’s the threat….

Domestic violent right wing extremists plot to disrupt, damage US power supply. 


Hint for the Feebies and the Biden Admin:

The ones who talk about it online are not the ones you need to worry about. (a good chance they are the ATF talking to the US Marshalls about recruiting the FBI anyway) and the ones you don’t know about won’t do it for fun, only for a good reason, and you’ll never know about them until it happens…. and they do it in the opening phases of the real Insurrection. And all your folks won’t stop it.

They are less of a threat than you folks might think. They like their electricity and the comforts it brings. If they shut down your grid, it’ll be because you went to war on them.

If only law enforcement would focus on actual, imminent, threats rather than making them up.

One thought on “Yep, that’s the threat….

  1. they are laying the groundwork, prepping the battlespace, for the false flag right b4 the 2022 election. whip up russia /ukraine nonsense, emp the grid, say it was white supremacists helping the russians. suspend elections, round up guns/conservatives/ whoever else they can think of. they put out emp literature yesterday from fema i think it was. ignored emp for decades, on purpose i say. we were warned in the 80’s.

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