Perhaps they should take their own advice:

Ever since the (sham) election on Nov 3, 2020, the Media and the DNC folks have said “Get over it”….”Move on”. And we should. It is a given that we cannot do anything about it.

And now, on Jan 6 2022, they should take their own advice….The Jan 6 2021 protest was a year ago…deal with it.

Get Over It. Deal. Move on.

I guess they have nothing else to talk about, nor anything else to try and keep our attention while Biden and company screw up our economy and our country.

They claim that the Jan 6th protest was a terrible day. Perhaps it was. But so was the debacle that was the 2020 election….The theft of the vote of the American People….the disenfranchisement of the American Citizen….hey can say whatever they wish, tell us all what they would like us to believe….but most American people, white, black, Democrat and Republican, Male and female, gay or straight,,,,few still believe in the integrity of the election process….That is possibly the greatest damage the DNC has done to the country..,And despite the continued protests of clarity and integrity and the continued memes of “Investigations”.no matter what they say in their speeches…Few in this country who can think believe them.

But they really should take their own advice.:

Get over Jan 6th.