Somehow, to the DNC types, proving you have the right to vote is “Voter Suppression”.

You need an ID to drive

To cash a check

To fly on an airline

To enter the country

To open a bank account.

**You Need an ID to get “Vaccinated” for Covid** (yet somehow that isn’t “racist” or a burden….)

But it is a burden to show an ID to vote……A Burden to get an ID (even though they are free in most states), A burden to actually show up to vote in person

Why it is almost as if there were some other reason they oppose that….

Odd how that works, innit? Kinda inconsistent, though….. Push the “vaccine” (where you need to show an ID to get it) but not to vote. You need to show up in person for lots of things, like to start a bank account, or register for most benefits, but not to vote…… that should be done via an unverifiable mail in ballot….


Thing is, fully half of the US citizenry think that those lies and inconsistencies are ok, as long as they get the result they want.  I find that saddening.

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  1. Expecting Leftists to be internally (or externally) consistent is like expecting birds not to fly. It only works with a few of them.

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