How come?

I mean, the DNC-led press and the Feds are going after Matt Gaetz for supposedly taking a minor across state lines for sex…(and rightfully so, if true).

But no one is talking about all the people that Epstein and Ms Maxwell supposedly groomed and “trafficked” those young girls to. I mean, if the young “ladies” were trafficked there had to be a person to whom they were trafficked. Who were they? So far, we are told that the women were “trafficked” to Prince Andrew, but oddly no one else’s name has come up…..Why? Who are they hiding? Why no names? If “Trafficking” someone is a crime (and Ms Maxwell has been convicted of that crime) then isn’t the other person, the one who receives the “trafficked” individual also committing a crime??? Shouldn’t they be on trial as well? If there was a crime proven, then surely that information is out there….otherwise how could they convict Ms Maxwell? To whom did she “traffic” the girls?

Where are the “MeToo!” crowd? I would think that they, at least, would be all over the “abuse” of young women (if that is really what occurred when these women came back time after time). And aren’t the parents somewhat responsible for allowing underage women to go on international trips with men? (“Hey, mom, this guy as old as Dad wants to take me on a flight to the Bahamas to party for a week, can I go?…”Sure honey, don’t forget to pack clean underwear!”)

But since they are going after Gaetz, shouldn’t they go after the folks who flew on the “Lolita Express” to the “private Island” for fun and debauchery? Or is it only when it is a Republican (We won’t even mention the disgusting folks at CNN who are, apparently, getting a pass on their actions) that it is icky and it becomes news?

Where are the names of these folks to whom Epstein and Maxwell catered?  Who were they?

And no, Epstein did not accidentally kill himself in jail while the guards forgot to check on him while the video cameras temporarily glitched. Please….Someone arranged his demise. And (so far) got away with it because the Feds and the Local LEO folks decided not to look. (I’m surprised Ms Maxwell hasn’t suffered a similar fate…..or died while microwaving dessert in the shower or something equally implausible)