about 20 years ago, maybe longer, I knew some FBI guys . We weren’t friends, but we knew each other. Shot at the same pistol and rifle matches…Talked some. Ate a lunch or two together…Knew each others faces and names.

I knew some bikers and some real White Supremacist types too. The bikers and the supremacists (sometimes the Venn diagrams of those two groups overlapped) were customers of mine. We talked sometimes and became friendly, if not friends….Waved as we passed by and such. Didn’t hang around together ’cause they weren’t my kind of people nor I theirs…but friendly.

The FBI folks came in one day and asked questions about the other group. I told ’em what they wanted to know (not that anyone on the street didn’t know it as well, but it WAS news to the FBI types even if it wasn’t secret to anyone else) and they then came back again asking for more….most of which I declined to answer because it wasn’t anyone’s, especially the Feds, business.

But even back then, pushing 20 years now, the Feds were making noises about “Domestic Terrorism” . They wanted to know all about the white supremacist folks and how to get to some of the rallies that they held (Most “open” rallies one simply had to show up at….the others you had to be invited to. I went once to an open one just to see what it was all about, but never went back…nothing for me there…(hate ain’t my gig, man). But the Feds were sure that this was the next enemy…… They tried to get me to introduce their guys to the WS types……I declined because besides LOOKING like feds, they ACTED like Feds (and, to be honest, bumbling fools) and I didn’t need the trouble they could cause me with my customers…..And if I had to anger some group, I’d rather have the Feds angry with me that WS types…I didn’t think they’d go out of their way to fuck with me but I did’t want them as enemies either.

Of course, the Feds were by then ceasing to look at the real terror threat, those of radicalized religions, especially Muslims. They were even way back then concerned with “Domestic Terrorists” and “White Supremacists”…even to the detriment of looking at very obviously radical people who might well have been possible Muslim Terrorist suspects.

Now, I look back 20(ish) years later and see a pattern. The current memeĀ  that Trump was a White Supremacist or at least supported by them….but they were preparing the battlefield 20 years ago.

I hear the Media and the Federal folks talk about White Supremacism and Domestic Terrorists and I hear the same words and thoughts that I heard long ago. Almost as if there was a plan…..

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  1. and now they try to say the muslim hostage taker in texas wasn’t antisemitic. no idea of his motive. yet they claim to know the motive of the oathkeepers? hunter’s laptop? hillary’s servers? swalwell’s china spy? anything?

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