Gotta wonder how much the Judge was paid…

I mean, he all but dismisses the Rape charge, and chooses not to put the kid in jail.

An Illinois judge has reversed his own decision to convict a teen accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in May, saying 148 days in custody in county jail was ‘plenty of punishment.’

‘By law, the court is supposed to sentence this young man to the Department of Corrections. This court will not do that. That is not just,’ Judge Adrian said on January 3.

I think that thorough examination of the finances of the Judge, his close family, and the parents of the perpetrator are justified…..


2 thoughts on “Gotta wonder how much the Judge was paid…

  1. Progressive Mental Illness is to be expected in a man who wears a dress to work in Illinois. He knows who will be paying his pension.

    The punk did it once, he’ll do it again. After all, the judge made it clear that no one cares.

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