Anniversary of an “insurrection ” that wasn’t,

While the Media and the Left (but there I go again, being repetitive) like to define the protest at the Capitol as an “Insurrection” … was a Protest. Had there been plans for an insurrection, there would have been a lot different outcome…and folks would have come prepared for much more violence. Weapons of war would have been present…..and there would be no question of what was intended.

But insurrection sounds worse, doesn’t it?¬† And, lets face it, by the media’s definition, it was mostly¬† “Mostly Peaceful”….

But since the Left and the Media (there I go again) get to set the language, they get to make it sound bad…And they are using the protest to bash the Right because they get to control the message.

And those who protested at the Capitol are being hounded by the Judicial system…

But innit interesting that no one…absolutely ZERO persons….have been charged with “Insurrection” or “Treason” or ay related charges? Strange. One would think that an “Insurrection” would require some Insurrectionists, wouldn’t you think?