A thought:

Was the real “insurrection” the protest on Jan 6 2021? The DNC folks and the Media would like you to think so….they repeat it over and over and have for a year….

Or was it Nov 3rd 2020 and the days following…. as illegitimate votes were counted and the whitewash of the election fraud debacle continued? As the disenfranchisement of the American People in their ability to choose their leaders happened…..?


Just something to think about.


2 thoughts on “A thought:

  1. november was a coup. j6 was an fbi op, with antifa in maga drag leading the way. you could pick them out in the videos. i stumbled on a site that day that had feed from 9 different angles. it was peaceful protest in seven, antifa imposters in two. the coup was done with military help. they went into an office in d.c. the next day and removed every hard drive, desk top, laptop and storage device and left w/out saying a word to anybody. another unit seized servers in germany that were used for tabulating the vote data. they have pulled off the biggest coup in history w/o firing a shot. well, if you don’t count ashley babbitt.

  2. The fact that none of the courts wanted to look into allegations of voter fraud told me everything I needed to know. They knew that if the truth of that election was revealed, it would blow the lid off the US of A…

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