Do Not Reccommend:

Had a neighbor give me a coupon for a free Dominoes Pizza.

So What The Hell, I tried one.

Now, they don’t deliver to the place I live (no one does), so I had to drive to the place after I ordered it online. 12 miles/15 minutes…

They guarantee 2 minute delivery to your car from when you pull up (after they text you to tell you your pizza is ready).

I got there just as the text arrived, Followed directions and texted “Here” back to them (per instructions) and waited.

And waited.

Aaaannnd waited.

After 8 minutes, I got a text telling me that I would get another free pizza in recompense for my wait.

Finally got my pizza shortly after that and drove home.

It wasn’t worth the drive , the wait, nor the gas expense to go get it. I have had better frozen pizzas. Off brand frozen pizza. Leftover off brand frozen pizza, for that matter. Possibly the box might have been better fare…

Now I know why my neighbor gave me the coupon.

I tossed the remainder out back for the raccoons.

4 thoughts on “Do Not Reccommend:

  1. About three decades ago we got some Dominoe’s at cost for a fund raiser at work and sold them to employees for $2/slice. I thought that they weren’t too bad. Fast forward 20 years. Our favorite, local shop closed, so the lovely missus and I ordered a couple pies from Dominoes. Ack! We both ended up throwing them out. They were about the worst pizzas that we ever had. We are both really against wasting food, but those things were almost inedible…….

  2. Every time I eat Domino’s pizza it rips up my stomach. I grew up in New York. I grew up on pizza. Even my stomach tells me that Domino’s isn’t real pizza…

    Domino’s SUCKS…

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