Rambling Covid questions:

If the Mandate was so critical….

and If the Vaccine is worth taking such that they had to mandate it……

Why would there ever, for any reason, be “exemptions”?

I mean, religious exemptions? Really? How is religion gonna keep you from getting Covid, no matter what brand of Deity you worship. Nor from spreading it if that is what they are worried about.

Whole groups (like the Postal Service) getting exempted….Really? Mail Carriers are immune to the Wuhan Flu while the rest of us are not?

Were this a real crisis then the Feds and other Health organizations would not be granting exemptions, nor would they be doing anything but acting like it was a real crisis….


And another issue: Why when so many people are vaccinated, are we still seeing (according to reports) a “Wave of Covid Hospitalizations”…. Haven’t we, as s country, “vaccinated” over 60% of our population?? If the Jab works against the Chinese Virus, then shouldn’t we have 60% less hospitalizations? Yet the numbers shown to us tell us this wave is as high as the one last year(if you believe the numbers)…..and according to reports, only about half of the folks in the hospitals are the Unclean unvaccinated. Either someone is lying or someone is lying….I dunno.

What ever happened to “herd Immunity? First it was 60%, then 65%, then 70%…and now after moving the goalposts….they’ve stopped talking about Herd immunity at all….They’ve taken the Goalposts down entirely.


And another question: why the big media frenzy over the “Omicron variant”? It has been known about in Africa for many months, it is less (much less) lethal than the other strains (and face it, all of them weren’t all that lethal to folks who were otherwise not unhealthy or very elderly)…yet this strain gets even MORE press than the previous ones….and the push to vaccinate even stronger EVEN THOUGH this strain is relatively unfazed by the current vaccine…..why the media attention then??

Of course, those who were in the know made millions in the market, getting out at the top just before the crash, but besides that I just cannot see the end game.


If Omicron is “Becoming the Dominant Strain across the country” and “the others will soon be gone”…I have to ask: Did the other strains somehow become less virulent? Less infectious? One would think that BOTH strains would be present and there would be ADDITIONAL infections, rather than one simply fade away in the presence of the new one….Can anyone explain how that works? is there some sort of competition amongst viruses like Modern Humans vs Neaderthals?? (Oddly enough, in Indiana, there are ZERO reported cases of Omicron Covid…so how can it be the “Dominant Strain”?)

4 thoughts on “Rambling Covid questions:

  1. and why aren’t they closing the border? or vaxxing the illegals when they catch them?

  2. You want to make a table. You pick up a saw. Then you use a plane. Sandpaper is useful too. Tools to get a job done.

    Covid, like climate change and various “rights” issues etc is just a tool to get the job done. The job is turning us all into nothing more than farm animals, useful as long as we provide labor and perhaps a vote.
    It’s always the same- give up your freedom so we can all be safe.

  3. Hello B, your covid questions are valid. Most of the answers are political and I cannot help there.

    For your last paragraph, yes, the old strains became less virulent, they became the new strains. It is how viruses work, they evolve. The old strains still exist, except the new strains are more infectious and less lethal so more people get infected by the new strains, survive and have immunity to the new and old strains. The old strains just get passed around less because people have already been infected by the new strains, recover and are immune. The new strains do out compete the old strains. The new strains grab customers faster, treat them better (not kill them) and eventually give the customers immunity to both old and new strains.

    Reported cases Omicron in Indiana. If Omicron is not making people sick enough to be tested, the case will not be reported. The test to determine which variant is present is expensive and time consuming. Pretty much, if you do not look, you will not find it.

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