Again, I ask:

What with the reports of abuse by Epstein (and now Ghislaine Maxwell) of these young girls…


Just where were the parents when the minor children/young ladies/young women were getting passports and being taken off for the weekend in a private jet by adult men?

I mean, really: this 14 year old girl says “hey, mom, this guy about your age wants to take me to his Caribbean island for the weekend….can I go?”

“Sure honey, have a good time!”

And this happened multiple times. I’m not downplaying the fact that Epstein and Maxwell did what they apparently did, but just what were the parents thinking? Were they paid off? How could they allow their young daughters to go with some strangers for a weekend?

3 thoughts on “Again, I ask:

  1. Many people in this world are impressed with power and money and they willingly suborn their judgement in the hope of getting it.

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