So does he get his rifle back?

I mean, Not Guilty on all counts seems to be pretty clear. (I, for the record, cannot figure out why it took so long to come to that decision)

He should, in a just world, be able to sue all who conspired to try him and who twisted and manipulated the evidence to try and convict him.

Plus the Media, for portraying him as a monster.

And he should get his rifle back along with the apologies of the court.


I do, however, feel sorry for the citizens of Kenosha. I expect riots and fires and property destruction and general mayhem for them for the next few nights. I strongly doubt the rioters protesters have learned their lesson.

5 thoughts on “So does he get his rifle back?

  1. I expect riots, looting, and burning throughout the country. After all, the I-Phones and Nike’s they stole last year are so… well… last year…

  2. He likely won’t get his rifle back.

    I am willing to bet, however, that several rifles will be gifted to him by various parties, and that they will be better rifles, worthy of him.

  3. I doubt if there will be any rioting due to the fact that certain groups hate temperatures below 70 degrees. Darnel and La Queefa are not going to start anything in the cold. If it was July, then you would see a peaceful protest.

  4. There will be riots and looting, if not in Kenosha, then in your town. If you live under a Democratic regime, they will not prosecute the thugs, but will prosecute anyone who resists. To a Democrat, the “Law” is the ability to inflict pain on their opponents.

    • that’s the best way i’ve ever heard it put. i’d like to borrow that please.

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