Just like Russia in the ’90’s

When I was younger, for about a year I worked with a bunch of Russians who were working for the company where I was employed. Nice folks, but they saw the world differently…..Ferinstance: they thought our “capitalist” system was wasteful: “you have 20 different kinds of shit-paper in your stores, why do you need all those different kinds of similar goods? ”

Having said that, in talking with them, I discovered that when in Russia, when one is shopping and there are items available, you buy as many as you could carry (or afford)….even if you did not need the items right now…because very shortly they would likely NOT be available….and then one could either consume them yourself or trade them for other items or luxuries because you had them, and others did not. I’m talking about things like coffee, and socks, and some canned goods. Their stores were not stocked like ours were (remember, mid ’90’s) with many kinds of goods competing for shelf space, different brands clogging the shelves, overfull with goods.

Nope, their shelves were like ours are now, not overflowing with goods, but rather sparsely populated with products….And so I have begun to shop as Sergei told me he and his family did….buying what I need (if I can find it) and when I see something like coffee or other products that store, buying extras so I have it because I might not be able to purchase those goods in a week or two…no longer do we live in the great times where the stores were ALWAYS stocked.

I call it “Socialism Shopping”. I’m not sure that the choices¬† and availability will be there next week when I need something, so if I see it, and can afford it, I stock up. I simply have no faith that the products will be there in the future like I did 3 or four years ago.

Sad, really, how far we have fallen as a nation. From the greatness of the 80’s. 90’s and early 2000’s, to today. Part of it may be Covid reverberations, but more of it is our government and the regulations and failures of leadership and simple failures of our leaders.

This lies squarely on the Biden Administration. It wasn’t this bad (with a few exceptions) last year, when Covid caught everyone by surprise. It is amazing how badly the “supply” situation has crumpled in the 10 months or so since Biden and his team have been running things.

And let us not forget the inflation and the resultant higher pricing that inflation (caused by the Congress spending money that doesn’t exist) has caused…not the increased energy prices caused by the Biden administration.

Thanks Joe…and the DNC.

Let’s go Brandon!¬†

5 thoughts on “Just like Russia in the ’90’s

  1. Good point. An extra, especially of coffee is always good.

  2. I’ve been shopping like this since March of 2020. If nothing else, buy it now while it’s less expensive and your currency has lost less value to inflation.

    Even Mrs, Freeholder, who has a terrible case of Normalcy Bias, is starting to get the hang of it.

  3. I’ve found myself doing this more and more lately. Today was dishwasher soap. Only 2 left, only needed one but got both so I don’t get caught short next time.

  4. my grocery store in my basement is better stocked than the local food lion store. the wife has finally seen the light. zero cat food on the shelf at walmart was the final straw, lol.

    • and i have a let’s go brandon sign in my yard, one on the back of my truck too. lost my job thanks to his mandate crap. sic semper tyrannis.

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